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Please read explanation below the album cover picture


OK, here's what you need to know.  There are 15 pieces of music on the record, and each one had to be imported and posted on a separate page. This main Ho! Westward page kicks off with the theme song, by Jim/Richard Wulfsberg.  (The longest piece, the Orchestra Overture, goes on for almost 7 minutes so I put it at the end ... was afraid no one would stick with the program if it started the show!)
I chose to spread the other numbers over two sections of our website (The Quad, pages 2-10, and Jefferson Hi Tide, pages 1-4.  Each page has a note giving the song titles and performers.  These will most likely stay on the website and never be replaced by other music.)  They more or less follow the order on the program, but not exactly.  The quality of the recording is iffy, somewhat scratchy with a few hiccups.  I think it may sound better if speakers are not turned all the way up.  But just think – 52 years ago! 
In almost all cases, solo performers have been contacted and told to visit the website, and offered a CD of the show.
Good stuff!
Here is the list of pieces and where they are:
Ho! Westward – “Ho! Westward” - Jim / Richard Wulfsberg and Chorus
Quad, page 2 – “Cinnamon Bear” – Phil Rope and Chorus
Quad, page 3 – “Kansas Can-Can” – Orchestra
Quad, page 4 – “Song of the Anvil” – John Gripp
Quad, page 5 – “Point West” – Orchestra, Phil Arnold Trumpet Soloist
Quad, page 6 – “Jingle, Jangle” – Eileen Montgomery and Chorus
Quad, page 7 – “Evening Song” – Orchestra, Vic Zahn Accordion Soloist
Quad, page 8 – “Scalpers Ballet” – Jim Hopkins, Vocal Soloist – Ballet Dancers
Quad, page 9 – “What Am I Trying to Say?” – Trudy Crane, Jim/Richard Wulfsberg
Quad, page 10- “Wishing Song” – Orchestra
Jeff Hi Tide, page 1 – “Spanish Dance” – Orchestra
Jeff Hi Tide, Jan 60 -  “A Bug in the Springtime” – Eileen Montgomery, Dave Ellithorpe, Phil Rope, Bob Anderson
Jeff Hi Tide, Mar 60 -  “Finale – Ho! Westward” – Chorus
Jeff Hi Tide, Apr 60 – “Overture” – Orchestra
By the way, if you went to Jefferson, you might want to read some of the fun “Kampus Keyhole” gossip items while you are on those pages.

Phillip Ellithorpe and Rolland Sandberg







Music on this page:  "Ho! Westward"  1962 - Jim/Richard Wulfsberg and The Cowboys


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