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Kindergarten Baby

This graphic may be found at www.glitter-graphics.com


Thanks to Bill Tobin for another great picture.  Can you help fill in the blanks (Bill & Judy Wilson Jones did their best) ....

1st Row:  Unknown, Mike Carlson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

2nd Row:  Carol Hansted , Unknown, Tina Christensen, Susie Arnold (confirmed by Susie) Peggy Wimperly (?) Sharon Beckett

3rd Row:   Shirley Griffith, Don Gould, Mac Bock, Unknown, Unknown, Dave Ellithorpe

 Bill's mom wrote that he was second from the right in the first row, but he does not think that is the case.



9/8/15 UPDATE:  Thanks to Sue Watts Ertl for this added information:  I can fill in a few blanks on the first photo (Lowell Elementary):  First row:  3rd, to right of Mike Carlson, blond, is yours truly (Sue Watts).  Last boy in first row, I believe, is Pat McCannish (my first crush).   I'm not sure I spelled his name correctly.  The teacher was Miss Shiff.  Second row:  Yes, that is Carol Hansted in the glasses. Possibly Jane Whitten next?   Between Susie Arnold and Sharon Beckett is Kay Strong.  I do not recognize the name Peggy Wimperly.  She may have been in our class, but I don't remember her at all and I just asked my mom (still sharp at 99) if she remembered her and she said no.  She did recognize many of the others.  I hope that helps...




Bill Tobin sent this picture taken in 1950 at a Nursery School called Mrs.  Saul's.  Bill grew up in Belmont Shore and presumably many of these kids went on to Lowell, Rogers and Wilson.  With several detectives offering up clues (a huge thanks to Judy Wilson Jones for filling in a LOT of blanks) we think that those pictured are ...

Front row – Cynthia Geizer (NOT Connie Kaylor Judy insists), Unknown, Unknown, Nancy Nutter, Pam Rose, Ed Perry, Unknown


2nd row – Craig Daugherty, Tom Morlock, “JP” John Crosby, Marsha Harris, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


3rd row:  Terry Thorpe, Unknown, Unknown, Ed Bragg, Bill Murphy, Valerie Boyer, Susie Davidson


4th row:  Unknown, Lee Faries, unknown, unknown, Judy Wilson, unknown, Bill Tobin

Update - this just in!  Lee Faries Ostendorf has identified that cutie 2nd from left, back row - as Lee Faries.  She remembers that Mrs. Saul's institution of lower learning was called the Peppermint Playhouse - Life was simpler then - and said  "There were a lot of wiggle worms and strange expressions in that picture.  Judy's was one of the best."  (Webmistress Note - I think had I been Mrs. Saul, I would have not messed with Judy Wilson.)


....and Don Singleton who supplied most of the names in the sixth grade pictures (although we had a real good start on that one.)  Thanks again to Bill Tobin for sharing these treasures -  Here is our version of Who's Who !
Front row – Peggy Wimperly, Kathy Osborn, Ken Lundgren, possibly Carla Borg or maybe Sherri Beebe (?), Kathy Clayton, Mike Carlson, Don Singleton, Bill Tobin, Don Gould 2nd row – Jane Whitten, Francie Granau, Bob Chrisman, Connie Kaylor, Susie Bailey, Sharon Beckett, Kathy Sams, Tony Duarte, Corky Severson, Ray Richards 3rd row – Unknown, Suzanne Papadakis (partly hidden), Mike Hixson, Andrea Hiller, Don Davis, Lyle Merithew, Larry Fosholt 4th row – Kathy Jeffers,  Shirley Griffith, Jackie Balou, Mac Bock, Barry Wood, Dennis Imlay, Ed Osborn, Neil Bannister, Barbara Richards Apparently absent that day, but not forgotten – Dave Ellithorpe, Joanne Knowles, and Lynn Hoodecheck

OK, let's try this kindergarten one ... Mr. Bob Chrisman states that the following can be found in the picture - Tony Duarte, Bill Tobin, Susie Bailey, Connie Kaylor, Mac Bock, and Corky Severson.  As well as Mr. Bob Chrisman.  Click to enlarge the picture and start putting your specific guesses on the Bruin Den.


Once again Don Singleton is brave enough to guess - he says:
Remember, I didn't arrive on the Lowell scene until Jr. 1st grade, so some of these are "pure" guesses.
row #1
    Mike Carlson, Unk, Unk, Corky Severson (a guess), Unk, Bill Tobin, Mac Bock, Unk
row #2
    Barry Wood (partially hidden), Barry Lawler, David Ellithorpe (a guess), Unk
    Unk, Peggy Wimperly, Unk, Unk, Unk, Bob Chrisman, Unk, Don Davis, Chuck Lineberger
row #4
    Tony Duarte, Andrea Hiler, Unk, Connie Kaylor, Don Gould (a guess), Unk, Unk, Shirley Griffith.



Front Row:  
Eliott Berkihiser   John Quayle  Fred Waterman   Larry Lieberman   Larry Moore J.P. (John) Crosby   Carol Hartman Fred Lewis   Sue Watts

2nd Row:  
Danny Girling   Bruce Miller   Carolyn Heimburger  Londa Corey   Gail Vance   Jan Bond   Barry Lawler   Mike Yancey

3rd Row:

Carol Fujikawa   unknown (Sue Watts thinks it's Billy Stevens?)     Susie Davidson   Valerie Boyer   Tina Christensen  Julane Irvin   Joyce Dixon   Sara Erskine

Back Row:

Bill Stevenson   Craig Ernst   Jimmy Bentley  unknown   Donna Wade   Carol Merritt   Carol Hansted   Susan Williams

February, 2012 - Here comes Mrs. Bagstad's sixth grade class at Lowell (how many more classes could there be?)  This came from Paulette Gehrke ... additional names supplied by Judy Wilson Jones, Herb Solomon, and Roberta Wall.  See below!  Can you help fill in the blanks?


First row:  Principal Virginia Owen, Bob Stahl, Paulette Gehrke, Sylvia Valera, Bob Waterman, David Blumberg, Jerry Kahn, Barbara Warden, Cece Kimes, Mrs. Bagstad.
Second row:  Adrienne Hurley, Camille Ratzlaff, Kris Buck, Linda Crabbe, Nancy Christensen, Laurie Kinley, Unknown boy, Ricky Stowe, John Park, Danny Alban, Roberta Wall, Susie Pratt.
Third row:  Roger Peters, Sandi Kimball, Alix Epley, Kay Strong, Karen Kline, Ken Miller, Nancy Martin, John Meyer
Back row  Bill Metzler, or Donald Davis (?), Unknown, Nancy John, Robbie Williams, Herb Solomon, Terry Girling, Trisha Steggall

Music:  "Little Bitty Pretty One"

Webmistress Linda Tucker Wride
Webmistress Jeri Hemphill Livingstone

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