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For her 60th, Linda Tucker Wride decides to go skydiving!

Sitting on top of the world!!
Carolyn Heimburger Gannon climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro for her 60th!

Carolyn Heimburger Gannon says of her September 20 climb in Tanzania:
"Getting to the 19,340 ft summit ("Uhuru") of Kilimanjaro was a goal for this 60th year of life.  The view was superb and the effort extremely satisfying.  I'm not sure I'll EVER skydive, so my hat's off to Linda Tucker. "

Roger & Jane Welch Sprague go hot air ballooning for her 60th.

As a PS, John adds that without leaving his home (The Johnderosa) he can see scenery every bit as beautiful as one could see from an airplane, a mountaintop, or a hot air balloon.

Junping out of the plane...

Free Falling!

Mountain High and the Valley so Deep

Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

John Dugdale writes:  "Well all I did for my sixtieth birthday  was sit on the over stuffed recliner chair, and drink a cold diet Coke while watching the TV.  Nothing near as exciting as the lady's of our class!  Still trying to win the Lottery so I can buy Johnny Carson's old boat and float around in the Pacific with young hard bodies running around in their string bikinis....Of course that and a cold glass of water would kill me!"

Off we go into the wild blue yonder.



Roger Wyatt, Danny Ehrler, Rich Williams

I am enclosing three pictures taken at Laguna Seca raceway during the 3rd week in August.  Danny Ehrler, Rich Williams and I enrolled in the 3-day racing school at the track.  It was a dream come true for the three of us.  We have been car crazy, and especially sports car crazy since elementary school  We have watched numerous races there over the past two decades and finally got to actually drive a race car on the same track.  Photo #1 is the three of us on pit lane  Photo #2 shows Rich in car #23 and me in car #32 buckled up and awaiting the signal to go.  Photo #3 shows me coming down the famous "Corkscrew" at Laguna Seca. 


Music:  "Sixteen - OOPS, Sixty Candles"



Each of us drove at 120+ mph and had to learn to "double clutch" a transmission that had square cut racing gears.  "The cars were capable of pulling 1.3 gs in a corner and stopping from 60 mph in less than 100 feet. It was a dream come true.  Danny wants to do it again on our 65th birthday.  If our reflexes hold up, I'll probably do it again.  If I win the lottery, I'll buy us a car and all three of us will go out and drive in SCCA competition. The smiles on our faces say it all.

Webmistress Linda Tucker Wride
Webmistress Jeri Hemphill Livingstone

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