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Traveling Bruins

Where in the World have YOU Been?

This graphic may be found at Glitter-Graphics.com


12/27:  We received this email copy that John Mauger sent to Evelyn Goehrig Wanner, in reply to her asking how many miles he had traveled this year. 


Received your Christmas letter and you asked how many miles I traveled this year.  Well, after my trip to the Galapagos, Machu Piccu and South America in the spring, Then the two-way trip through the Panama Canal (first to Miami then back to San Diego) celebrating the 100th year of continuous operation of the Panama Canal.  Then my fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska in June. Then my drive to Reno/Tahoe in July.  Then my road trip to Seattle & return in August.  Then my September flight to Vancouver, British Columbia & cruise across the Bering Sea to Siberia and Asia and return flight home after 2 months there in Russia, China South Korea and Japan.......adding all the train travel, bus travel, burro travel, etc,  I am nearly 40,000 miles traveled this year. 

No wonder I have pretty much stayed home and vegged out the last few weeks.  But, not to worry because I am off again to Australia in 10 days and will spend 3 months traveling there and all over S/E Asia. Again my travel will be 2 months on ship and the rest on land with three weeks in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.  The 5 days I spend in Vietnam will also be interesting as it is the 50th anniversary of the start of the war there. Also while I am in the Philippines there will be the 70th anniversary of the liberation from Japan in WWII.  I will also be in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year so that should be interesting.

So, There you have it....travels over the last year and for the next few months of the new year.  And don't forget we will be putting together a 4 day cruise out of Long Beach during our 70th birthday celebration next September.

Happy New Year & love to you all,




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